InView to join the Amaka family

Don’t worry! The product you know and love isn't going anywhere. We're joining forces to give you the added benefits of increased customer service, product enhancements and access to Amaka's range of 5-star rated automation solutions.

Who is Amaka?

Amaka is recognised as the gold standard in accounting integrations and automation. It is trusted by over 35,000 users globally as a result of the seamless, reliable and flexible integrations built by accounting professionals and business owners. Amaka brings simple-to-set-up and affordable enterprise-level automation tools for small-to-medium businesses thanks to its unique technology and support model.

FAQ about InView by Amaka

What changes can I expect with InView by Amaka?
InView will now be InView by Amaka. Existing InView subscriptions aren't going anywhere and will continue to be supported and improved. Thanks to Amaka, you’ll gain the added benefit of having access to 5-star rated accounting integrations and automation solutions. Looking ahead, you can expect a suite of exciting enhancements to the platform, increased customer service, and access to new offerings.

Who do I contact for support?
You can reach out to the existing support team at InView by Amaka for help. In the long-term, you can expect additional customer support to be added.

Are InView and Amaka the same company?
Yes! InView has been acquired and is now powered by Amaka.

InView at Xerocon, ExCel London

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“An elegant solution and great addition to our app marketplace. I can't believe it wasn't thought of earlier.”

Nick Houldsworth
Executive GM Ecosystem, Xero

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