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Bring your online accounting software direct to Slack or your calendar. Up and running in 5 minutes.

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What people are saying

I LOVE that I can see my upcoming invoices in my calendar. Really sets my mind at rest and allows me to chase, without having to log into Xero everyday.

Charlotte Ellis


The Xero dashboard calendar plugin is just magic! I share the calendar with my directors as a budget forecasting tool, without any effort on my part.

Millie Attwater

The Paper Partnership

Keep track of your invoices and bills with our award-winning system.

Are you constantly struggling to keep track of when your invoices and bills are due?

Whether you’re managing your own books or operating as an accountant with multiple clients, InView can help.

Take the stress and frustration out of cash flow management and spend more time where it matters β€” running your company.

InView brings your invoices and bills to you β€” straight to your calendar or Slack.

Perfect for everyone from freelancers to bookkeepers.

How it works

Connect your software

Set up is easy. Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks, FreshBooks and many others.

Add to your calendar

We generate an iCal feed for your calendar. Share it with your team!

Integrate with Slack

Use our daily digest to get your invoices and bills pinged to your Slack channels.

Enhance your online dashboards

Get the Google Chrome extension to enhance the default Xero dashboard with your invoice and bill calendars.

Support for other platforms coming soon.


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Synchronise your invoice and bill due dates to your calendars
  • Get alerts of invoices due today
  • Deep links back to your accounting software straight from your calendar
  • Easy to read status icons to track at a glance πŸ•˜β—οΈβœ…
  • Daily digest to your Slack channels

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