Synchronise Xero invoices and bills to your calendar

One click integration with all your desktop and mobile calendar applications. Never forget to pay your bills or chase up overdue invoices again.

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🎉 New! Integrate InView with Slack for a daily digest of your Xero invoices and bills

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Add your Xero invoices and bills to your desktop or mobile calendar app

See which invoices are overdue and which have already been settled by your clients.

Keep track of when you are due to get paid without manually creating reminders.

Manage your cashflow by seeing which of your bills are due for you to pay.

How it works

  1. Sign up for a free 14 day trial
  2. Associate your Xero organisations with InView
  3. Add your invoice and bill feeds to your calendars
  4. That's it!

You’ll be up and running in no time and will have full visibility of your invoices and bills by date and status from within your calendars.


  • Automatically synchronize your Xero invoice and bill due dates to your calendars
  • Get alerts of invoices due today
  • Directly access items on the Xero platform directly from each event
  • Statuses refresh on a regular basis to keep you in the loop 🕘❗️✅
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Our pricing is tiered – We bill per organisation. Save 20% on annual subscriptions.

Up to 3 organisations
£10 /month/organisation
Up to 9 organisations
£8 /month/organisation
10+ organisations
£6 /month/organisation
Up to 3 organisations
$15 /month/organisation
Up to 9 organisations
$12 /month/organisation
10+ organisations
$10 /month/organisation
Up to 3 organisations
A$18 /month/organisation
Up to 9 organisations
A$15 /month/organisation
10+ organisations
A$10 /month/organisation
Up to 3 organisations
NZ$18 /month/organisation
Up to 9 organisations
NZ$15 /month/organisation
10+ organisations
NZ$10 /month/organisation
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