Winner of the 2018 Xero XDHax Developer Challenge

I am delighted to announce that InView has won the Xero 2018 App Hackathon for the "Best App – EMEA".

Rikki Pitt, founder at Jemcode, was inspired to build InView following challenges he noticed as a small business owner.

As a business owner that uses Xero, I found it tricky to keep track of my client payments. Not knowing who to chase or what is outstanding can lead to cash flow problems and I wanted an option to automate the process of adding Xero information to my calendar. The app is built on Ruby on Rails and I’m particularly proud of the calendar caching process I devised to boost performance. XDHax presents an exciting opportunity to really challenge yourself to come up with innovative and creative solutions and I’m thrilled to have won the EMEA competition.

Read the full press release here:

InView at Xerocon, ExCel London

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“An elegant solution and great addition to our app marketplace. I can't believe it wasn't thought of earlier.”

Nick Houldsworth
Executive GM Ecosystem, Xero

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