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Integrating with Slack

You can integrate InView with your Slack workspace channels to receive a digest of your Xero invoices and bills that are due each day.

InView on the Slack App Directory

After you have connected to Xero and added your first organisation, you can then enable our Slack integration as follows.

Click Add to your calendar then click on the Add to Slack button.

You'll be redirected to Slack. Login to your workspace if prompted and then choose the channel you wish to receive your daily summary message.

Once you have selected the correct channel, click "Authorize" to add the InView app. You will be redirected back to your InView organisations page. Slack will email you a confirmation and you'll see a notification in the channel you chose.

What happens next?

Each day we'll check to see if you have any invoices or bills due and send you a digest. It'll only be sent on days that have invoices or bills due.

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Last updated: 4 months ago